Puppy Contract

You have chosen to purchase a Campiero Buldogue puppy from Rare Supreme Campeiro Buldogue. All pups sold will be vaccinated and wormed according to the following schedule. Each pup has a 2 year health guarantee and any genetic condition. If it is determined your pup has a genetic defect it will be replaces with one of equal value upon availability. Vaccinations are administered :  6 weeks , 8 weeks . Pups are dewormed 5 weeks and 7 weeks.  Approval delivery of the pup it must be checked . At anytime Rare supreme reserves the right to keep a puppy for kennel purposes. I must be notified if the dog is going to another home. Colors are not guaranteed.

I _________________________ agree with this puppy contract that I will take care of the dog as one of my family member’s. The dog will not used in any illegal manner. Breeding can only be done for the betterment of the breed. All breeding must be approved by Rare Supreme Campiero Bulldogue. 

On this date __________ of __________ ,  ________ . I agree to purchase a puppy from RSCB in the amount of $__________US dollars. The non-refundable deposit in the amount of $500 US dollars is due once the pregnancy is comfirmed. 

All puppies sold by RSCB come with a 1 year health guarantee .