Health Guarantee



Rare Supreme Campeiro Bulldogue (RSCB) puppies come with a 2 yr. health guarantee, vet checked, current vaccinations, IEOBA Reg, CBCK Reg. and dewormed. When purchasing a puppy from (RSCB), you understand that this puppy is now a family member and will treat him/her as so.   All of our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health and free from visible signs on infections and contagious or communicable diseases when purchased. We guarantee the puppy to be free of any life threating congenital defects for 2 years from date of birth. X___________:Date.  A licensed veterinarian must examine your puppy within 72 hrs of delivery or pick up. If your puppy, in the opinion of both veterinarian (buyer and seller) has any physical problems considered to be healthy a replacement puppy of equal value.   We must be notified at once, at the onset of a problem, in writing, with a report from the Vet. All records are to be made available to us, and buyer agrees to allow vet. To disclose all information to us, this is to protest us from any type of criminal scams on the part of unscrupulous individuals. If the puppy is returned to us, all shipping expenses are purchaser responsibility. To qualify for the guarantee you must have kept the puppy under care of a licensed Vet. The care must include all vaccinations recommended by the vet.  Please do not take your puppy into public places, unless absolutely necessary, until the puppy has had all of its vaccinations (as recommended by your Vet) to ensure immunity against disease. Note: there is no guarantee against hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, parasites, umbilical hernias, undescended testicle, and viral or bacterial infections. There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: allergies, thyroid dysfunction and mange that are not covered by this guarantee. No joint problems are covered: this includes knees or any other joints. Buyer must research the breed and understand that the confirmation of the breed invites certain problems. Short nose dogs like Camperio, bulldogs, etc. are prone to heat stroke and you will be responsible to provide an environment that is healthy for their puppy. Wrinkles may also promote eye problems. Campeiros are from Brazil (avg. temp 65 -85 degrees). They are New to America and have not yet been acclimated to the weather in the USA. None of these are covered. An overweight Campeiro can also lead to health issues.  All Vet. Charges incurred by the purchaser are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, Any under NO circumstances paid by us. (RSCB)  Colors are not guaranteed, Size at puppy age or full grown are not guaranteed.  _____ Puppies that are sold as PET Quality: We do not authorize Breeding. This puppy is a companion, pet. Come with papers, fixed spayed/ neutered. Before delivery or pick up.  Puppies that are sold as Breed Quality: Come with papers, Ieoba reg, CBCK reg., with breeding rights: (MEANING ONLY BREED TO CAMPEIRO BULDOGUE LITTER WILL BE FORFEITED TO RSCB AND PLACED IN FOSTER HOMES. This Guarantee is NOT TRANSFERABLE  

Thank you for purchasing a Campeiro Buldogue from Rare Supreme Campeiro Buldogue (RSCB) It’s our desire that you and your campeiro will spend many years of companionship, laughter, and joy to your lives.  

Please note: If you purchase a puppy from us without returning our contract agreement within 30 days of receiving your puppy. The Health Guarantee is NULL AND VOID and is sold as is.     X_________________________Buyer  X_________________________Seller