Campeiro Buldogue


General Appearance

Dog with a powerful and strong Physical constitution indication strength and agility.


They were used to capture Wild cattle during long journeys and/ or holding them when necessary in slaughterhouses. They are very versatile dogs having aptness to guard and combat very well balanced. the are dogs selected in the field controlling bulls and protecting the property of the farmer against any intruders. o, they act as shepherd dogs as well as bull controllers throwing and holding escaping cattle. They use to live together in pack of hounds respecting the every wish of their owners. 


This extremely courageous dos is very loyal to the owner and docile with the rest of the family. Very versatile and well adapted dog, is calm, but reserved with strangers


Bulky with good cheek: wide with strong jaws and loose skin without excess wrinkles. The measurement of the circumference of the head is at least in the same proportion of height and length for females and necessarily higher in males.

Cranial Region

Skull very broad, tall and slightly rounded, with strong musculature. Viewed from the front, form a straight line between the ears, when in attention. Stop: well defined

Facial Region

Short muzzle , With a maximum of 1/3 and at least 1/5 of the length of the skull. Wide under the eyes: thick with the lateral lines parallel to the tip of the truffle: as sq. as possible when viewed from above.


Truffle well formed

. of good size and well pigmented.

Ears small

pendent, triangular: the backwards {in pink} of high insertion, are also accepted as far apart as possible. When slightly bent in the direction of the eyes, the length may net extend beyond the inner corner of the eyeball

Oval Eyes

of medium size, and can not be deep or jumping. Preferably with well lidded as possible, going from brown to dark brown, on the specimens with the dark es. The color of the eyes, as dark as possible. going fronmtruffle


sloping lips: without too much, not  exceeding the lower jaw line at more that 50% of length of the muzzle

 throughout its length. The lip rhyme should be as pigmented as po

Bite lower jaw

which should not exceed 3 cm. 

Jaws wide, massive and square

 The lower should advance beyond the upper and rise at the end of the jaws.


Strong Teeth

With well developed canines to grasp and well spaced apart. Preference is given to incisors well aligned with canines. APPARENT LOWER JAW are acceptable. Teething should be as complete as possible. It can tolerate apparent canines, extra teeth and lack of P1


Strong, moderate in length, very muscular and of circumference approximately that of the skull, with loose skin that forms a barb which should not be excessive.


 MODERATLEY SHORT straight back, with ascending line slightly inclined to the rump.    CHEST OF REMARKABLE AMPLITUDE almost round being the depth must reach the height of the elbows      RIBS WELL ARCHED Belly: slightly flat. Croup: slightly round


inserted low, thick at the root, of moderate length and of inconstant line: broken naturally. The tail is preferred not to exceed in length, by 2/3 , the distance from the tail insertion to the tip of the hock.


Broad, muscular and oblique. In relation to the horizontal must be 45* while the scapulohumeral angulation should be less than 90*


Slightly away from the ribs, are correctly directed forward, in a vertical line measured from the elbows to the ground, proportionally the height.



well developed and with strong bones and straight.


Moderately angulated.


Are slightly outward facing with slightly separated toes and slightly arched.


Well developed , indicating vigor and activity.       HOCKS: slightly angulated, parallel.


Are slightly outward facing with slightly separated and arched fingers: with thick and elastic plantar cushions.



well balanced walking, keep the head in the line of the back and the tail low. Is movement is typical: the body's balance should be noticeable in the rump and ribs while walking. Keeping the back level but not firm. His gallop is fast, with great propulsion.


Short , smooth, of medium texture, not being neither soft nor harsh to the touch.


All colors are accepted. Rarest form Speckled / Tickled 


Males 53 cm 20" 75 to 100 lbs           Females 51 cm 19" 65 to 89 lbs


Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be in exact proportion to its degree.